37% of cancers diagnosed in females are in Asia


41% of all new cancers diagnosed in males are in Asia

Breast cancer is the leading form of cancer amongst women in Asia

The NovoTect™ platform of innovative diagnostic tests are based on a University of Oxford developed epigenetic technology that can detect and identify changes in gene expression which are linked to cancer. NovoTect™ tests are being developed as the first tests to screen for epigenetic targets specific to Asia-prevalent cancer sub-types.


Our technology enables diagnostic tests with high sensitivity and specificity to identify changes in gene expression irrespective of the abundance or stability of RNA and protein products in the sample. NovoTect™ technology offers greater stability than RNA or protein-based tests that are affected by degradation and low copy numbers of the monitored targets.


Validating trials in Asia Pacific on Asian patients show NovoTect™ to have high sensitivity and specificity of correct patient stratification (greater than 97%) through epigenetic targets associated with the onset and development of breast cancer.


Since NovoTect™ runs on blood samples, the tests can be run at pathology labs using standard equipment, making the results available rapidly and at a price that is accessible to underserved populations in Asia.